Hannover/Stuttgart. Electromobility and the energy transition, changes in manufacturing and coating technologies, new materials and material combinations and the digitization of manufacturing are just a few of the trends requiring new and adapted processes in parts and surface cleaning. Apart from particulate contaminants, an increasingly important aspect involves filmic organic, inorganic and, in some cases, biological contaminants in the fight to meet cleanliness specifications. "The exhibitor showcases at this year's parts2clean will offer solutions in all areas of industrial cleaning technology to meet these new requirements in a leading-edge context," reports Hendrik Engelking, Global Director at Deutsche Messe. "For example, developments for the removal of fine-particle and filmic-chemical contaminants will be presented, as well as solutions for improved energy and resource efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness and flexibility." The leading international trade fair for parts and surface cleaning runs from 11–13 October 2022 at the Stuttgart (Germany) Exhibition Center.

Attractive supporting program adds value to the event

But it’s not only the cross-industry, cross-technology and cross-materials exhibition portfolio which make a visit to parts2clean 2022 a must for cleaning technology users from all industries. The supporting program’s side events offer knowledge and expertise as well as solution approaches for process adaptation and optimization in a condensed form which cannot be found anywhere else.

Holistic view of component cleanliness along the process chain

Pre-defined cleanliness requirements can be met stably and efficiently by taking a holistic view of the process chain. This includes – as a result of increasingly stiff requirements for component cleanliness – environmental conditions as well. The special show titled "Component Cleanliness – a Holistic View of the Process Chain," organized jointly with the Cleaning Excellence Center (CEC), provides visitors with a better grasp of the road to clean components. This begins with the pretreatment of workpieces and extends from cleaning – including selection of the appropriate process chemistry – to the cleaning of containers and workpiece carriers, to professional monitoring of the achieved cleanliness with laboratory equipment and cleanliness-compliant packaging in a cleanroom. Specialists in technical cleanliness will guide visitors through this special show on all three days of the trade fair.

Specialist forum highlights knowledge transfer – from the basics to broad trends

With traditional attendance of more than 1,300 participants on-site and many more users worldwide via live streaming, the three-day parts2clean specialist forum is one of the key attractions at the show. "The high quality of information and presentations here have made this forum one of the most sought-after sources of knowledge in the field of parts and surface cleaning for domestic and international visitors," reports Engelking. Well-known experts from science and research as well as from industry associations and industry itself will offer their knowledge and expertise as well as benchmark solutions in simultaneously translated (German <> English) lectures on the following topics: Basics of industrial cleaning processes, digitization, automation and process monitoring as well as challenges due to filmic contamination. The presentation clusters focusing on challenges in electromobility and the energy industries as well as precision cleaning for extreme requirements, for example production equipment for DUV and EUV lithography, will spotlight a number of hot topics. If it is a question of proving the technical cleanliness achieved, the papers in the Analytics, Technical Cleanliness, Rules and Regulations section will provide detailed information, while the "Environmental Relevance and Circular Economy" session will focus on solutions for media preparation, substitution of critical or banned substances, and energy and resource savings, among other topics.

The complete program of the specialist forum is scheduled for release in mid-September on the parts2clean homepage under the menu item "Side Events". Participation in the parts2clean technical forum is free of charge for tradeshow attendees. In addition, the presentations will be broadcast live on the parts2clean event website, www.parts2clean.com .